Sunlight Sales is a regional, full-service packaging solutions agency aligned to efficiently market food service packaging and disposables. We are a premiere manufacturer’s rep group that has been selling value added performance packaging for more than 30 years. Our packaging advisors are recognized by our manufacturing clients as some of the most trusted experts in the Western US.

Working as your company’s business partner, we offer solution-based advice to help you identify your business’ objectives and achieve your corporate goals. Since no two businesses are alike, the solutions shouldn’t be either. Our recommendations are as unique as your business, crafted specifically for your commercial environment. We have partnered with hundreds of businesses to help them identify challenges, improve marketing strategies and increase sales.

Our strategically placed locations through the Western US have allowed us to create a network of professionals within varied markets to solve your logistical, distribution, pricing and packaging needs. By operating in different markets we understand the changing trends and growth areas that affect your efficiencies. We listen, understand and problem solve with you, resulting in increased productivities.


In the simplest form, we are partners in your business that help you with all your disposable packaging needs. Our goal is to learn about your business challenges, evaluate your total offering and provide solutions that can be easily applied according to your budget.

Sunlight Sales will help you see your business from a different perspective, as that of the consumer. With a new view to your offerings you will find areas of profitability that are often missed. We teach you to look beyond the center of the plate and evaluate new ways to gain a competitive advantage through your packaging, marketing and take out program.

As your business evolves, so do your packaging needs. We are experts at helping you grow along with the changing market and needs of your customer. Additionally, with our extensive partner relationships we are frequently able to overhaul supply chain and pricing issues many of our customers face.

Whether you’re an established restaurant, fast-food franchise or new business call us to help you put together a custom packaging program that will grow and evolve with your business!


Sunlight Sales was founded in 1991 and began as a packaging specialist company aimed primarily at food service with our initial geographical focus in Colorado and New Mexico.

Since then we have broadened our scope of products and expanded our operations to include paper distribution, and janitorial and chemical supplies throughout the Western region of the U.S. With offices in six states, Sunlight Sales plays a critical role for more than 20 manufacturer principals that we represent. Our team is led from a centralized corporate and service operation in Denver, Colorado.


We strive to inspire, teach and bring value to understand the needs of ALL of our customers.